Example of Ayahuasca Diet Meal

Ayahuasca diet recipes: so you don’t have to think too hard

The Ayahuasca diet can be hard to put your finger on exactly. In this post, I suggest that following an Alkaline Diet is very similar and will give you lots of inspiration for the Ayahuasca diet. I also provide some of my recent favorites and give some examples of food I was served at a Peruvian Ayahuasca retreat recently.
The Ayahuasca diet (dieta)

The Ayahuasca diet (dieta)

Before you drink Ayahuasca an Ayahuasca Diet(a) prepares you to drink safely and after drinking keeping your diet(a) ensures the maximin benefit is bestowed to you. Let’s look at how to undertake an Ayahuasca Diet(a) and give you some recipes to prepare.

An assistant Shaman watching over the Ayahuasca Brew process at Santuario Huistin Ayahuasca Retreat in Pucallpa Peru.

8 risks and rewards of Ayahuasca

There are some serious potential downsides to Ayahuasca including feeling sick, psychosis and in some extreme circumstances death, however, on balance, I feel for many people these risks are not present or able to be lowered to be in line with any other travel adventure. With that in mind, the benefits start to stand out. Here are 8 PROs and CONs if you are thinking of doing Ayahuasca.