Interpreting messages in Ayahuasca Ceremonies

In order to write this post, I did some reading around the net on how to think, in general, about the things you learn under Ayahuasca. While there are sometimes some pretty straight forward messages that I have been able to directly apply you don’t want to literally interpret all the things you learn or see. Let’s talk about some specific messages and get some clarity on how to think about the things we learn and see in Ayahuasca.

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Ayahuasca integration stories, lessons and thoughts

I think this post will be useful for those trying to understand what integration post ayahuasca might be like for them. Ayahuasca integration is not only about concreting the lessons you have learned into your life afterward, but also about integrating yourself back into a world which now might be seen through different eyes. Very different eyes in my case. In this post I’ll talk about my own stories of integration and how I understand the world after meeting spirits – which I have to say is a real head-fuck.

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Ayahuasca and Spirituality

What does drinking Ayahuasca have to do with spirituality? Anecdotally it feels like a very special experience, like you’re in the presence of something great and wise (but without the ego) but, also scientific studies have been done which put Ayahuasca experiences at the same level as Catholicism with respect to spiritual value to participants. We’ll also look at how Buddhism, a spiritual practice, overlaps with psychedelic experiences in general.

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What are the after effects of Ayahuasca?

After Ayahuasca the effects on your life can be extreme. Some for the good and some for the bad. It’s really a case by case basis but for me, they have included,

  • continuing to get messages from Mother Ayahuasca,
  • mental health effects both for the positive and the negative,
  • attempting to make behavioral changes in line with the lessons you were taught by Ayahuasca,
  • handling a new found world view and spirituality,
  • learning to meditate,
  • wanting to go back to ceremony straight away, and
  • potentially needing to see a psychologist to make sense of the experience.
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The long term effects of drinking Ayahuasca (DMT)?

According to one scientific study, ayahuasca helped reduce depression and stress significantly and that these changes persisted for 4 weeks after ceremony. The study goes on to mention other benefits in terms of how peoples’ thinking is changed and we also talk about some other related information like, how DMT is produced naturally in the body, historical use of ayahuasca, the danger of psychosis, ayahuasca’s LD50, long term psychological effects and the number of ceremonies people have.

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Death and Ayahuasca: How it happens and how to avoid it

After doing some reading around the net, I found that most deaths during Ayahuasca ceremonies are not related to the plant itself per se. I’ll talk about what the real reasons for death were, but mainly in this article I will try to help you to think about how you can minimize your risk of death from taking Ayahuasca.

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Ayahuasca & Ego Death: fun and games til someone loses an I

It’s slippery, but in this article, I use research to define Ego as an intermediary between the real world and other parts of your psyche and talk about how psychedelics interact with the ego from a scientific and an anecdotal point of view.

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