The content on this site is written by Vinay Lal.

The topics I choose are based largely on key phrase research into what it is being searched by people interested in Ayahuasca. In this way, I can be most useful to those searching (by giving them answers to popular topics) and also help to spread the benefits of Ayahuasca in the most visible way. An example of these articles are,

Where the articles aren’t based on key word research they are based on my own interest or need in my own psychedelic journey.

In other cases, the articles I write are based on anecdotal experience of my own preparations or experiences with Ayahuasca in Peru (Santuario Retreat near Pucallpa, Peru). I have drunk Ayahuasca 9 times in Peru and Colombia – 8 or these at Santuario Huistin Retreat near Pucallpa Peru. For example,

In yet other cases, I have done my own research into scientific studies, internet research or read authors with much more experience than I in certain fields for example, scientific research into psychedelics. While I am not a scientist myself I have tried to understand the papers and convey those points to the reader as I have interpreted them. For example,