Vinay hiking in Colombia.

I created the Ayahuasca Easy site in order to provide people with more information on Ayahuasca and with the hope of promoting its ability to help people.

On top of this I found a huge benefit from drinking Ayahuasca and wanted to write about it as a way to make sense of its lessons as applicable to my own life. A form of integration.

I initially learned about and was drawn to Ayahuasca via podcasts I had listened to. I had become attracted to these because, in hindsight, I had negative thought patterns and ideas about myself which needed altering. One of the first things which attracted me to Ayahuasca was the idea of it being something that was able to help change/ create new habits and neurochemistry. After partaking in 9 Ayahuasca ceremonies I learned that this was indeed possible.

I’m originally from New Zealand but am often living overseas and moving about the place as I work and travel. I love the variety that this lifestyle gives me. I am often surfing or learning Muay Thai in between work or writing articles.