Ayahuasca Trip Report from Santuario Retreat, Pucallpa, Peru.

Ceremony 5 at Santuario Huistin (Maestro Egne)

A description of my fifth ceremony at Santuario Ayahuasca Retreat nearby Pucallpa Peru where I helped another attendee who was struggling with the strength of the medicine, encountered the ‘red devil’ of my shadow/ego and was attacked by a dark spirit made of black gas. This one was full of excitement in hindsight!

Ayahuasca Trip Report, Pucallpa, Peru. Santuario Retreat.

What is an Ayahuasca Trip Like?

I was given a UI (User Interface) to help me organize my life, had life long stress and negative thought patterns reduced. I saw a demon, the depression in someone close to me (as a weird spikey starfish) and pixelated energies all around me. On top of describing what I saw in my visions and learned I will also talk about how I have gone with integrating my intentions in the following 6 months after the ceremony.

An assistant Shaman watching over the Ayahuasca Brew process at Santuario Huistin Ayahuasca Retreat in Pucallpa Peru.

8 risks and rewards of Ayahuasca

There are some serious potential downsides to Ayahuasca including feeling sick, psychosis and in some extreme circumstances death, however, on balance, I feel for many people these risks are not present or able to be lowered to be in line with any other travel adventure. With that in mind, the benefits start to stand out. Here are 8 PROs and CONs if you are thinking of doing Ayahuasca.

How long does an ayahuasca trip last?

How long does Ayahuasca last?

** Updated, March 2023 **

The most powerful effects of Ayahuasca last between four and six hours on average and will often stop when the ceremony stops as the ceremonial procedure is a large part of the effects you feel while drinking Ayahuasca. 

That being said, the insights you receive in an Ayahuasca Experience can last weeks, months or years after you drank Ayahuasca.