Ayahuasca Wall Art (ayahuasca paintings)


Don’t see something you like? Juan is happy to make commissioned pieces as well. If you purchase this option you can directly discuss with Juan what you would like and he’ll create something just for you.



Ayahuasca shamanic style paintings from Juan Perez of Pucallpa, Peru available for sale. Juan is an experienced shamanic artist in the tradition of Pablo Amaringo. Juan attended the Usko Ayar Art School (founded by Pablo Amaringo, Luis Eduardo Luna, and Sirpa Rasanen) in Pucallpa, Peru where he originally hails from.

Juan’s painting are unique in that they use both 3D techniques and glow in the dark paint to offer multiple ways to experience the art. You can view it normally in daylight or view it with 3D glasses to see the 3D effects or turn the lights off and watch a new scene reveal itself from the original one you saw in daylight.

Juans paintings are usually framed and used as well art. You would be sent the canvas without the frame for ease of postage from Peru and can frame it once it arrives with a local framer to you.

Juan’s painting are frequently being created and sold so the above paintings are not necessarily available but serve to give you an idea of what they look like. You can enquire about a particular painting or ask what is currently available just in case this page has not been updated recently.

Paintings can be send via DHL and are tracked to many locations worldwide. Visa and Mastercard accepted at this time.

Price include shipping to your country by tracked DHL mail. 2/3 of the price (approx $800 USD) goes to Juan himself.


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