19 ayahuasca diet recipes: so you don’t have to think too hard

Vegan Inspired Ayahuasca Meals
Vegan Inspired Ayahuasca Meals

** Updated March 2023 **

Here are 19 vegan diet inspired ayahuasca meals for you to try. You will need to tweak them a little to remove certain foods but they are very close to Ayahuasca Diet meals.

The ayahuasca diet is an important part of the ayahuasca preparations as it

  • cleans your system out (less purging),
  • and in my opinion creates the ability to have a deeper connection during your ceremonies,
  • but, on top of that it also helps you avoid potentially (but unlikely) dangerous effects from increased levels of Tyramine and also any potentially bad effects from combining Ayahuasca with any medication you might be taking regularly.
  • If you are not aware of the potential effects of Tyramine and medication when combined with drinking Ayahuasca then you need to do some reading as this is an important part of the dieta to understand and be aware of. I wrote about these effects and potential dangers for you to learn about in this post here so read it!

20 vegan inspired Ayahuasca recipes:

These recipes came from Jaimie Olivers site which is great cos you can search through a lot of creative and tasty recipes in your preparation.

Beware, these recipes will mostly need some tweaking to be truly Ayahuasca friendly. There is a full list here of the foods you need to avoid but, as a basic set of these I would recommend removing any oils (you can replace it with water you just need to check the pan more often as obviously it will evaporate), garlic, alcohol, read meat, salt, pepper and any spices. You can have some fish and chicken but, rarely. Perhaps once per week would be a good guide line while on the Ayahuasca Diet.

An important note on my Ayahuasca diet: I sometimes CHEAT! More accurately I follow it 80/20 so 80% strict. This is mainly because I do it for about a month beforehand and as this is quite a long time I find I need to give myself a few ‘treats’ here and there to allow myself to do it. If you are in your preparation and are doing less or perhaps you can be more strict. I think if I was doing it for only 2 weeks or less I would be able to be strict 100%.

1. Aubergine and Cucumber Rice Bowl

2. Baked Squash

3. Lentil Tabouleh

4. Aubergine Dip

5. Fresh Spring Rolls

6. Sweet potato chilli

7. Cauliflower dahl

8. Watercress Soup

9. Super Salad

10. Lentil Salad

11. Sweet Potato and Spinach Curry

12. Roast Vegetable Salad

13. Mushroom Stuffing

14. Christmas Curry

15. Brussel Sprouts Super Salad

16. Roasted Cauliflower and Brussel Sprouts

17. Vegan Beetroot Carpaccio

18. Vegan Shepherds Pie

19. Roast Tomato Soup

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4 years ago

6. Sweet potato chilli – CHILII IS FORBIDDEN!!

Reply to  Vinay
3 years ago

So… it’s not very helpful to post “ayahuasca diet recipes” that simply aren’t. Chili, onions, garlic… Many of these recipes have one or all of these forbidden ingredients. We don’t need more links to non-compliant vegan recipes we can struggle to tweak (there are millions of sites for those) when we are looking for dieta-friendly recipes.

1 year ago

Very misleading. And yes, I read about “tweaking” the recipes, but it’s just very misleading of you to say “19 ayahuasca diet recipes: so you don’t have to think too hard” when they are not.

1 year ago

hey man, i am no extpert: but just the first receipe keeps me wondering?

sugar, rice vinegar, miso, mirin rice wine? arent these all no nos for a reason? specially the fermented stuff like vinegar, mirin and miso might play out bad due to tyramines?